04 October 2014

Kerry Trip - September 2014

I got back down to the Dingle Peninsula for a week at the end of September. The fishing was a little tricky in that the marks that I expected would fish well didn't really produce much and it took a while to track down a few fish. I met up with my friend Tomek again and we flogged a couple of marks, fished different states of tide and well into darkness several times but with much to show for our efforts. On one of the night sessions we noticed that there was quite a lot of bioluminescence in the water. In the pitch black of night the glowing light from the waves washed over the sand looked bizarre, as did the glow of our boots as we waded through the shallow but by far the strangest and  most interesting thing was seeing fish glow like laser beams as they darted through the shallows. I had never seen anything like it before and maybe it was putting the fish off either way we both blanked. The Bass fishing was proving tougher than expected but some local knowledge soon put me on a few fish. The mark was a bit of a drive from where I was staying but I caught a few Bass on each session. None of them were monsters but still it was a relief to finally start catching a few bass. All fish were caught on soft plastics, SG slugeels and Fiish Minows.

Spotted this shoal of Trigger fish in the Marina in Dingle.

My Set-up:
Rod:  Smith Blowshot Boron Tide Wading / Lucky Craft ESGII
Reel: Shimano Rarenium CI4 2500Ra / 4000Ra
Line:  Sunline 4x4 Momentum braid /  Sunline Super PE 20lb with Sunline Siglon FC leader  
Lure: SG slugeel and Fiish Minows