30 June 2014

Kerry Trip - June 2014

I spent last week in the breathtaking beautiful Dingle Peninsula and for once the weather was actually good. I really couldn't have asked for better weather but unfortunately the fishing wasn't quite as good as the weather and we really had to work hard for the fish we caught. I had been told that just a couple of weeks ago the water was full of sandeel and that there was lots of bird activity but the week I was there couldn't have been much different. No sign of any mackerel being caught, very few sandeel and little or no bird activity, not quite what I was expecting. That said it was great to catch up with some old friends, meet some new ones too and while the fishing may have been tougher than I expected we still caught plenty of fish over the week.

Tomek with a nice 60cm bass

Another bass for Tomaszek

Tomaszek with a nice sea trout 
Apparently sea trout like soft plastics lures too...

The wrasse didn't seem to be around in any numbers for some reason but we still managed to winkle out one or two.

Tomek with a nice wrasse