06 October 2013

Wexford Silver...

I took a trip down to Wexford last weekend to meet up with Ronan and hopefully catch a bass or two. Now as sure as night follows day, every time I arrange a trip down to Wexford the weather turns bad. I mean over the years we've had some absolute disasters weather wise but this time it was looking like it might not be too bad for a change, a slight easterly wind but nothing too bad. It meant that the water was a little too coloured for our liking at the mark we intended to fish but it didn't take us too long to find some clear water and fish.

We were expecting to hit a few mackerel but within a few casts I heard Ronan shout 'I'm in' and it certainly didn't look like a mackerel. A beautiful fin perfect bass soon emerged from the surf, tempted by a humble dexter wedge. He had no sooner put the first fish back when I heard call again, another schoolie tempted by a slowly retrieved metal lure.

I tried every lure in the bag but without any success and soon found myself resorting to raiding Ronan's stash of metal lures to see if that would do the trick. Surely now fishing a few yards apart with identical lures my luck might soon change. However as I was demonstrating my mackerel catching prowess, Ronan was landing yet another Bass. I was just having one of those days where nothing seemed to go right and my luck didn't improve much as when I did eventually hook up with that elusive bass I ended up losing it in the surf. We had a couple more contacts from fish but in the end Ronan landed four bass, I caught a few mackerel and lost that one and only bass in the surf.