02 August 2013

A Spot of Fly Fishing on the Canal

Apologies for the lack of updates on the blog recently but to be perfectly honest there wasn't an awful lot to report other than some fantastic weather and a bunch of fruitless bass sessions. I did however take a trip out to a nearby canal recently, armed with my trusty little 4# fly rod. I haven't done much fly fishing at all this year and my rustiness definitely showed. I soon found myself stalking shoals of roach and rudd amongst the patches of weed and eventually hooked a few. Unfortunately the bigger fish eluded me this time but it was still great to catch a few different species on the fly.

My Setup:
Rod: Scierra pico v2 7' #4
Reel: Greys G series
Line: DT4 floating, 6x tapered leader, 7x tippet