30 June 2013

Plastic Fantastic - Kerry Wrasse...

I'm just back from another trip to the wonderful Dingle Peninsula in Co. Kerry, I visit this place for a few days each year and find myself enjoying it more and more each time. It's truly a fantastic part of the country to visit, breathtaking scenery, great fishing, the culture, the people, the pubs, what a place.

I arranged to meet up with my friend Tomek who some of you may know from his blog Sea Bass Hunting. He had a couple of days off during the week and the plan was to try a couple of marks for both Bass and Wrasse. The bass fishing got off to a bit of a slow start but the wrasse were as obliging as ever, munching their way through all sorts of soft plastic lures. They're a great species to target on lures and the wrasse here are a decent stamp of fish with many in the 2-3lb range. I had great fun targeting them over the week and I'm already looking forward to my next visit.

Major Craft Crostage CRS-732 ML/S 5-18g 7’3’’

08 June 2013

Mountain Stream Trout...

Over the past week or so Sam has been busy exploring the some of the smaller mountain streams in search of wild brown trout. These smaller rivers and streams hold a good stock of wild trout and although these wild brownies tend not to be the biggest of fish, their size is more than made up for by their beauty and their acrobatic fights. It would also be an opportunity to test out a new rod, a Major craft Nextino trout rod. He paired the Nextino up with a Daiwa Freams 2000 and armed with a selection of small plugs fitted with single hooks, Sam set off to explore one of these little streams. It was action from the start with fish darting all over the place and attacking the lure. Once hooked they took of, jumping clear of the water time and time again. There is something magical about this type of fishing, being up in wild place like this, completely unspoilt with no noise and not even another angler in sight.