06 November 2012

Wrasse from the Kingdom...

I couldn't wait to get back down to the breathtakingly beautiful Dingle Peninsula in Co. Kerry again this year and to have another couple of sessions after the wrasse. When I was last in Dingle earlier this year I had some great wrasse fishing from a mark that I had found the previous year. Its a great little spot with the potential to throw up some good size wrasse and the odd bass too. Best of all is that unlike so many of the wrasse marks down there, it doesn't involve a daunting climb down to the waters edge.

Well the bass didn't seem be be around this time but the wrasse were as obliging as ever, munching through all sorts of soft plastic lures. Its quite rough ground at this particular spot, fishing over a reef with lots of sharp barnacle covered rocks, so weed-less soft-plastics were the order of the day. As I was fishing at close range and to avoid having to keep replacing frayed leaders, I decided to use a fluorocarbon mainline (Sunline Siglon Fluorocarbon 10lb mainline). In relation to the lures, to be perfectly honest the wrasse at this particular mark didn't seem to be too fussy, as you can see from the photos below they hit a variety of different soft plastic lures. Within a few casts my lures were being hit by the wrasse with many being bitten in two before I started hooking a few fish. They were a decent stamp of fish too with many in the 2-3lb range. I ended up having two very enjoyable sessions fishing for the wrasse before the sea got a little too rough to comfortably and safely fish this mark but I'm already looking forward to my next visit.

Rod: Sakura Rookie 8'6"
Reel: Shimano Rarenium 4000
Line: Sunline Siglon Fluorocarbon 10lb mainline
Lures: Various soft plastic lures and jig heads