07 October 2012

Some Bass at last...

There is no two ways about it for whatever reason the bass fishing this year has been very tough. There are lots of theories as to why but the fact is that there seem to be fewer bass around this year compared to previous years. As a result I haven't been doing nearly as much bass fishing as previous years and instead have been focusing on other species. However in recent weeks the fishing has picked up a little, nothing spectacular but we have been catching the odd fish or two and hopefully there'll be time for a couple more before the seasons out.

03 October 2012

Mixed Bag

I was in Wexford for the weekend and the plan was to meet up with my friend Ronan, do a little wrasse and pollock fishing and maybe see if there was a bass or two around. Well that was the plan anyway, however the bass didn't seem to be about on the marks we tried. That said we did catch a few other species, none of the fish were particularly big, a nice mix of species all the same, pollock, wrasse, mackerel and even a surprise golden grey mullet. It was just a pity that the bass didn't seem to be about but maybe next time.

The next day I woke to the sound of the wind howling, I dragged myself out of bed, peeked out the window and it was every bit as bad as it sounded, wet miserable and high winds. It looked like our options would be a bit limited, we figured that our best bet might be to head inland to some river and canal marks and to fish for pike and perch instead. However when we got to the river it didn't look very promising either, the water level was fairly high and the water looked pretty coloured. The nearby canal however looked much better, we both rigged up with small soft plastics and began making our way along the canal. It didn't take us long to catch a few fish and in the end we caught plenty of pike,perch and even a surprise roach all on soft plastics, none of them were particularly big but they good fun all the same.