29 July 2012

Flounder on metals...

We were back out targeting Flounder with soft plastics again this weekend. I must admit that I'm really enjoying targeting these fish on lures and I'm continually  surprised by just how willing they are to chase a lure. This weekends session was no different, we were fishing for them with small curl-tailed grubs as we always do and catching a few fish too, when we started to notice quite a few trout a little further out. So I rummaged through my bag and found a couple of metal lures that would cast that little bit further and might also tempt a trout. It only took a few casts before I was into a fish but I soon realised that something was not quite right with my 'Trout', it just wasn't fighting like a Trout. As the fish came to the surface I could clearly see why....my trout was in fact a Flounder! and a decent one too. Now I've seen plenty of Flounder caught on small Mepps before and of course on soft plastics too but I must admit that I was a little surprised to see them chase and hit a fast moving lure near the surface. It wasn't a fluke either as we caught a few more in the same way a short while later. It would have been nice to catch one of those Trout but the Flounder kept us entertained all the same. I still don't think that Sam and I have fully mastered the technique for catching Flounder with lures just yet but we are having fun learning the ropes.

24 July 2012

SeaTrout on ultra-light gear...

Recently Sam had some great fun fishing for Sea Trout on ultra light gear. He met up with our friend David and the pair headed off in search of Sea Trout, here's his report.

When we arrived at the venue the water was quite coloured and there was a good run on after all the rain over the past few weeks but with fish jumping, it looked promising. I rigged up with a Yo-Zuri Pins Minnow 4.5g and on my second cast I was into a fish, my first Sea Trout of the year. The swim seemed to go quiet after that so we decided to make a move and to try another spot. 

It was just starting to get dark as we arrived at the next spot and I had only had a few casts when the rod doubled right over and the line started peeling off the reel. No doubt about it this was a better fish and my little 1-9g Cormoran ulx rod was kissing it's toes as the fish made a run for faster water. I carefully put some pressure on, as much as I dared on such a light outfit, and slowly but surely managed to turn the fish and get it back into slower water. After a few more runs I was able to turn the fish and guide it towards the waiting net. A fine Sea Trout of 3lb on ultra light gear...what a battle...

Sam's Set-up:
Rod: Cormoran ULX 1-9g
Reel: Daiwa Certate 2500
Line: Varivas 0.3 light game braid
Leader: Triple fish 6lb

Lure: Yo-Zuri Pins Minnow 4.5g 

18 July 2012

Dingle 2012 - Every Cloud has a Silver Lining...

Following on from my last post about my recent trip to the Dingle Peninsula in Co. Kerry, it wasn't all wet and windy for the week. The sun did eventually shine a little, and after much searching I did  find a silver lining amongst all the clouds in the form of a very welcome bass of about 3lbs. I also caught some more wrasse, pollock and also a few Sea Trout too. That evening I met up with my friend Tomek again to fish an estuary mark and we were both hopeful of a few fish as the conditions looked a lot better than the previous few days. However for all our efforts we just ended up with one lost fish and two dropped fish between the two of us. I decided to call it a night but Tomek stopped off to try one more mark that we had tried earlier in the week. Well the gamble paid off and for 20 minutes the fish came on the feed. I couldn't believe it when I saw his text the next morning '7 bass in 20 minutes', well I didn't need to be told twice and was raring to go the next day. I met Tomek at his lucky mark the next day but again the wind had changed for the worse and again nothing.

With my trip to Kerry nearing an end I decided to go back to the one mark that had been producing wrasse and indeed my only bass of the trip, to try it one last time. I rigged up with a weight-less and weed-less Wave Worm and began casting it over the reefs and slowly twitching and working it below the surface when all of a sudden I saw a bass come clean out of the water as it hit my lure. After a brief fight a fin perfect bass of 4-4.5lb slipped into the net, rounding off the trip nicely.

I guess the bass just weren't around in any numbers for the week I was there because I know that some of the marks which I finished, had fished well in previous weeks but the constant northerly winds seemed to have just killed the fishing. To make matters worse I've since heard that in the last few days the wind has changed again to the south-west and immediately the fishing has improved hugely with lots of bass being caught. I'm already planning my next trip though and can't wait to get back down there for a few more days in the Autumn.

Rod: Sakura Rookie 8'6"
Reel: Shimano Rarenium 4000
Line: Sunline Super PE 20lb (Braid) / Sunline Siglon Fluorocarbon 10lb mainline
Leader: Sunline Siglon FC 15lb Leader
Lures: Various soft plastic lures and jig heads

17 July 2012

Dingle 2012 - Things can only get wetter...

I'm just back from a weeks fishing in the breathtakingly beautiful Dingle Peninsula in Co. Kerry and whilst the weather didn't quite play ball, it was nonetheless a thoroughly enjoyable trip and one that I'm hoping to make again before the end of the year. It's easy for me to say that now, however at the beginning of the week the weather dampened my enthusiasm somewhat, constant rain and a cold strong northerly wind made the fishing very difficult. I met up with my friend Tomek, who some of you may know from his blog Sea Bass Hunting. We tried a couple of marks in search of Bass but unfortunately without success. It wasn't looking too good and after three days fishing with very little to show for my efforts I was beginning to wonder if I would ever find some decent fish.

However towards the middle of the week the wind dropped off and changed directing, allowing me to fish a lovely little mark that I'd been looking forward to fishing since my last trip to Dingle. I was hoping that it might throw up a bass or two and maybe some wrasse and pollock too. It's very snaggy ground so weed-less soft-plastics were the order of the day and right from my very first cast my lure was getting hits from fish. This made a change from the previous few days fishing, at least there were fish about however I still wasn't hooking up though so I changed lure to slightly smaller senko and cast once more. Again my lure was hit as it was almost at my feet and after a couple more casts I was eventually into a fish, the first wrasse of the trip. It wasn't a particularly large fish but it was a welcome sight nonetheless. For the next few hours the wrasse kept me entertained and the stamp of fish also improved, with many in the 2-3lb range. The best of them was a lovely Ballan around the 4lb mark, took off on a couple of diving runs and ran me around a rock before she slipped into the net. I ended up having two very enjoyable sessions fishing for the wrasse and ended up catching eight or ten the first day and six or so the second day. I also caught a few pollock but nothing particularly big, and a bass, but more about that in the next blog post.

Sunline Siglon Fluorocarbon 10lb mainline

Sunline Super PE 20lb (Braid)

Sunline Siglon FC 15lb Leader

Rod: Sakura Rookie 8'6"
Reel: Shimano Rarenium 4000
Line: Sunline Super PE 20lb (Braid) / Sunline Siglon Fluorocarbon 10lb mainline
Leader: Sunline Siglon FC 15lb Leader
Lures: Varius soft plastic lures and jig heads