06 June 2012

Fly fishing on the canal...

Fly fishing for coarse fish is one of that those things that I've been meaning to try for quite some time but never got around to until now. So over the weekend I decided to make the best of the fine weather and head to a spot on the Grand Canal that I used to bait fish a few years back and to try fishing it with the fly instead. I wasn't too sure where to start with regard to what flies to use and tried some small dries and nymphs before  remembering that I used to catch a lot of fish off the surface with bread flake at this spot. So I rummaged through the fly box and tied on the closest thing, a dog biscuit fly and soon got some interest off a couple of fish. After a couple of missed takes I eventually struck into my first coarse fish on the fly. It was a beautiful day to be out fishing the canal again and fantastic to be able to sight fish for roach and rudd. I fished on for another hour or two and caught a couple more fish but I only had time for a short session and had to head home a little sooner than I would have liked. Maybe next time I will fish on until dusk and perhaps try baiting up the swim with bread to get the fish feeding more actively. I'm hoping that the bigger hybrids that I used to catch on bread flake are still about, only one way to find out.

My Setup:
Rod: Scierra pico v2 7' #4
Reel: Greys G series
Line: DT4 floating, 5x tapered leader, 6x tippet
Fly: Dog biscuit fly