02 April 2012

Back to the Salty Stuff... (LRF)

Over the past few weeks Sam and I have been focusing our efforts on freshwater lure fishing and taking a bit of a break from the LRF (light rock fishing), partly to try different things but mainly because the salt-water fishing has been very hit and miss recently. However last weekend we decided to venture back and if it had improved.

We were joined by Jay La Roche of South East Lure Angling, who made the trip from Wexford to meet up and fish with us. The plan was to start at Dun Laoghaire Harbour and maybe move on to other marks if the fishing wasn't too good. When we arrived the conditions looked perfect for LRFing unfortunately though, the fish had other ideas. After a bit of a slow start we managed to winkle out a few few Long Spined Scorpions, Rock Goby and a Pouting but with the fishing not improving a move was on the cards.We headed further south to try a few marks around Greystones and again were greeted by flat calm sea but not much better fishing. We did pick up a pollock and a scorpion before calling it a night.

It was great to finally meet up with Jay and I'm sure we'll arrange a few more sessions over the coming month, pity that the fish weren't about in any numbers this time but what can you do.