30 April 2012

Bass off the boat

First bass of the season for Neil, caught on his recent trip to Cobh in Co. Cork. He was fishing with his friend James MacSweeney, who also just happens to be a bass guide in the area. Neil and James were fishing Cork Harbour aboard a Bella Vista self drive Warrior 175, however the weather was far from ideal and the pair knew that it would make the fishing a little tricky.

They initially tried a some of the reefs outside the harbour but the weather forced them to seek out more sheltered water. However a change of venue later and after a few more comfortable drifts, Neil got what he was after - his first bass of the year. He was bouncing a soft plastic lure on a 15 gram jig head very gently along the bottom, when he had a very subtle take. As the fish inhaled the lure and Neil lifted into the fish he quickly realized that it was a good one. The fish took off on a couple of nice runs with plenty of head shakes but Neil carefully guided the fish into the net which James had ready and waiting. After a few photos the fish was released to be caught again another day. 

Rod: Diawa Branzino
Reel: Shimano Stradic ci4 4000
Line: Diawa Tournament 8 strand braid 20lb
Leader: Sunline Siglon 14lb fluorocarbon
Lure:  15g jig head and soft plastic worm

23 April 2012

Early Season Shad...

I decided to try something a little different this weekend and to meet up with my mate Ronan and head to St Mullins in county Carlow to see if any Shad had begun to run in the Barrow yet. It's still a little early for the Shad and the big runs will most likely coincide with the next big spring tides but I still figured that there might be a few around. We weren't disappointed and after a few lost fish we both landed an early season Shad each.

My Setup
Rod:  Cormoran TR4 7' 6-28g
Reel: Shimano Rarenium CI4 2500Ra
Line: Sunline 4x4 Momentum
Leader: Sunline Siglon FC
Lure: Tazmanian Devil

Ronan's Setup
Rod:  Teklon Concept Spin 802ML
Reel: Shimano Technium 4000
Lure: Tazmanian Devil 


09 April 2012

Troutin' About (Part 2)

Still at the trout fishing on the river Dodder, although it's very much been a case of the ones that got away recently. We've had plenty of follows on the lures, lost some cracking fish at the net but still managed to land a fish or two, on both lures and also on the dry fly.

I also went exploring some other stretches of the Dodder that I haven't fished in years and over the weekend I stumbled on this unusual bit of structure in the river, yes that is a cars on its roof in the middle of the river in the suburbs of Dublin. It's actually one of the many car that were washed into the river over the winter, when flash flooding turned the Dodder into a raging torrent but why it's still in there I do not know.

My Lure Set-up:
Rod: MajorCraft Solpara 7'3" 0.5-5g (solid tip)
Reel: Shimano Rarenium CI4 2500Ra
Line: Sunline Small Game 3lb Flurocarbon mainline / Sunline Rockfish 0.3PE braid
Softplastic Lures: Spro Trout, Illex Jacoknuckle 2" and Ma Worm Action Fish #1.8
Jighead: 0.5 - 2g jighead size 10 hook
Hardplastic lures: Illex Tiny Fry (50mm,2.7g, Suspending), Rapala's

Sam's Set-up:
Rod: Rod: Reins Raz 7' 6"-0.4-7g
Reel: Daiwa Certate 2500 Line: Varivas 0.3 light game
Leader: Triple fish 6lb
Softplastic Lures: Illex Jacoknuckle 2" and Maria Ma Worm Action Fish #1.8
Jighead: 1/80 oz Tungsten bead jighead size 10 hook

02 April 2012

Back to the Salty Stuff... (LRF)

Over the past few weeks Sam and I have been focusing our efforts on freshwater lure fishing and taking a bit of a break from the LRF (light rock fishing), partly to try different things but mainly because the salt-water fishing has been very hit and miss recently. However last weekend we decided to venture back and if it had improved.

We were joined by Jay La Roche of South East Lure Angling, who made the trip from Wexford to meet up and fish with us. The plan was to start at Dun Laoghaire Harbour and maybe move on to other marks if the fishing wasn't too good. When we arrived the conditions looked perfect for LRFing unfortunately though, the fish had other ideas. After a bit of a slow start we managed to winkle out a few few Long Spined Scorpions, Rock Goby and a Pouting but with the fishing not improving a move was on the cards.We headed further south to try a few marks around Greystones and again were greeted by flat calm sea but not much better fishing. We did pick up a pollock and a scorpion before calling it a night.

It was great to finally meet up with Jay and I'm sure we'll arrange a few more sessions over the coming month, pity that the fish weren't about in any numbers this time but what can you do.