22 February 2012

Illex and Maria soft plastics

Some tasty looking Illex and Maria soft plastics, perfect for LRF (light rock fishing) and best of all they are available right here in Dublin. Sam picked up this lot from Henry's Tackle Shop over the weekend and to tell you the truth I didn't realise that Henry's stocked this kind of stuff but there you go. I've actually been using some of those Maria Ma Worms for the past year or so and have done well with them, so I'm looking forward to trying some of the other lures in the range. As for the Illex / Jackall JacoKnuckle, I've not used them before but they certainly look promising and I'm sure they'll do well.

Illex JacoKnucle 2" (Pink)

Illex JacoKnucle 2" (Silver)

Maria Zero Head Drift CR #4  (Resin jig heads with luminous eyes)

Maria Ma Worm Action Fish #1.8

Maria Ma Worm Shirauo #2

Maria Ma Worm Shirauo #1.5

Maria Ma Worm Dart Squid #1.5