28 February 2012

LRF's a beach...

For a while now Sam and I have been talking about the idea of fishing some of the beaches over here with the LRF (light rock fishing) gear but the unrelenting high winds and big seas that we've had to endure over here recently have made it an impossible task. However over the weekend we finally got a little respite from the high winds and a plan was hatched to give the beaches a go. So Sam, Neil and Steve headed off to a well known beach mark at low tide armed not with beach casters but instead with ultra light LRF gear. You really have to pick your battles with this style of fishing and it was a perfect night to try the beaches. Unfortunately the fish didn't play ball this time but the lads still ended up getting a few whiting all the same on 2-3g jig heads and Gulp Sandworms / Ecogear. Some how I don't think this will be the end of our beach LRF and we've already begun to hatch a few plans for later in the year when the fishing picks up a bit, watch this space...

In the meantime however Pat and I had arrived at a nearby harbour and were finding the fishing equally tricky but the lads decided to drop up for a chat and to see how we were getting on.We managed to winkle out a few fish but it was slow fishing and after a while the lads understandably decided to call it a day leaving Sam and I to soldier on. The harbour clearly wasn't fishing so another change in venue was in order, that's the great thing about this style of fishing, you don't need to carry much gear so its very easy move around and cover more ground. We headed to a rock mark that has produced for us in the past and sure enough it didn't disappoint. Persistence finally paid off and we caught plenty of Whiting and Rockling on a dropshot fished Ecogear Strawtail, to finish off the night.

22 February 2012

Illex and Maria soft plastics

Some tasty looking Illex and Maria soft plastics, perfect for LRF (light rock fishing) and best of all they are available right here in Dublin. Sam picked up this lot from Henry's Tackle Shop over the weekend and to tell you the truth I didn't realise that Henry's stocked this kind of stuff but there you go. I've actually been using some of those Maria Ma Worms for the past year or so and have done well with them, so I'm looking forward to trying some of the other lures in the range. As for the Illex / Jackall JacoKnuckle, I've not used them before but they certainly look promising and I'm sure they'll do well.

Illex JacoKnucle 2" (Pink)

Illex JacoKnucle 2" (Silver)

Maria Zero Head Drift CR #4  (Resin jig heads with luminous eyes)

Maria Ma Worm Action Fish #1.8

Maria Ma Worm Shirauo #2

Maria Ma Worm Shirauo #1.5

Maria Ma Worm Dart Squid #1.5 

19 February 2012

Some New Recruits...

Over the past few weeks Sam and I have had a few new faces join us for the odd LRF session or two, namely Neil, Pat, Derek and Stephen. I have to say that it's fantastic to see a few more lads over here taking an interest in this style of fishing, leaving the bait rods at home, getting out there with ultra light gear and just giving it a go. Even though the fishing recently has been tough going (as it always is at this time of year), we still got out there, caught a few fish and most importantly had fun. Anyway here's a few photos from the last couple of sessions with the lads.

Neil with his first LRF caught fish, a Sea Scorpion

Pat with his first LRF caught whiting

Derek with his first LRF caught whiting