01 December 2011

Florida Trip (Nov 2011)

Sam is just back from his holiday in Florida and he had some great fishing while he was over there,here's his report:

Hi all, Just back from a two week holiday in Florida, what a destination! Whether it's big game, shore, or fresh water bass fishing, it's all there. My base for the two weeks was the Hyatt hotel in Sarasota and the plan was to fish from Anna Maria Island to Venice, which gave me some great marks to try.

From the start the fishing was fast and furious with Lady Fish, Spanish Mackerel, and Flounder showing up in good numbers. All my fishing was from the shore this time but with this many fish to be caught it didn't matter. I got chatting to a local anglers who was out on the shallow flats fishing for Spotted trout and he told me that a lot of anglers are starting wading the grass flats for there Spotted Trout fishing rather than kayak fishing. On that day he had Trout, Flounder and Snook all on Gulp Shrimp, I think I'll have to pack the wading gear for the next trip.

The rest of the trip was spent exploring different venues and having fun catching lots of hard fighting fish, which included some Sheep Head, Hammer Head Sharks and a Eagle ray that took a Gulp Shrimp on a slow retrieve. It took of like a bat out of hell and what a great fight on a 7' rod, magic! Well it's back to the LRF for the rest of the winter but I am going to miss fishing in warm water with clear blue skies.