18 October 2011

Weekend round up...

Sam and I decided to head to the local harbour on Saturday evening for a bit of LRF action. The whiting kept us entertained once more and we lost count of how many we caught in the end, they were all on the small side but again were more than willing to hit the blade lures. There was also a few mackerel still about although not in any numbers, I think we caught two or three in the end. The biggest surprise of the evening however was a long spined sea scorpion that Sam caught on a blade lure.

My set-up
Rod:  Major Craft Solpara 7' 3" (0.5-5g) Solid Tip
Reel: Shimano Rarenium 2500
Line: Daiwa Tournament 8strand 10lb braid
Leader: 6lb FC
Sam's set-up
Rod: Reins Raz 7' 6"-0.4-7g
Reel: Shimano Stradic CI4 2500
Line: 2lb FC

I also managed to squeeze in a couple of hours after the bass on Sunday

Rod:      Sakura Rookie 8' 6"
Reel:     Shimano Saragosa 4000
Megabass Zonk Gataride  
Line:     20lb PowerPro
Leader: 15lb Seaguar FC