05 August 2011

LRF Gurnards

Sam has been busy again racking up the species count, this time he has been targeting gurnard on the lrf gear. Here's his report:
Hi all,

Well I went out this afternoon to try a few new lrf spots, the first one I tried turned up some small wrasse and pollock. However with a strong SW wind getting stronger it was time for a move and with the wind now on my back I had a lot more control over the rod also I was fishing over sand. I thought there might be some flatfish to be had so I rigged up a Carolina rig with a size 10 hook and a red Marukyu Power Isome. It was bites from the start with some small whiting coming over the side then I had a much stronger bite, Fish On!!! and what a surprise a small grey gurnard. My next few casts I caught some small pollock and whiting and it was nearly time for the off when the rod bent over, a better fish this time and it gave a good account of itself on the lrf gear. A nice tub gurnard this topped off a good afternoons fishing.


Sam's set-up
Rod: Reins Raz Ajiringer-Z 7' 6"-0.4-7g Reel: Diawa Freams 2500
Line: Sunline 0.3 PE
Leader: 6lb FC
Lure: Marukyu Power Isome worm and Reins Rockvibe
Method: Carolina rig