27 August 2011

Found a few bass at last...

For one reason or another I hadn’t been out after the bass in a while but I was stuck in the office yesterday when I got a txt from Derek to let me know that he was heading out that evening so I figured I’d join him. I was out that door on the dot of half five and home as quick as I could to grab my gear and get on the road. However in the rush I forgot to throw the waders in the car and didn’t realise until I got to the mark but I had an old pair of hip waders in the boot that I figured I could get by with and for reasons that will soon become clear I won’t be make that mistake again. Anyway Derek was already there and fishing away when I arrived but by the time I had walked down to the mark I could see he was already starting to walk back, too much weed... Things weren’t looking too promising and we were thinking about maybe trying another mark but in the end decided to give it a little longer to see if the weed situation improved or if we could find a clearer stretch.

We both made our way out onto a rock with me lagging a little behind due to my slippy makeshift waders being like ice skates on the rocks and to our surprise the weed wasn’t too bad at this spot and definitely fishable. Within a few casts Derek was into what looked like a decent fish and as he brought it in I was ready and waiting to help him land it with the lip grips but then all of a sudden, disaster!!! The link clip had failed and fish and lure were both gone, needless to stay Derek was not a happy camper but hopefully the fish was able to shake the lure. After that Derek decided to try another spot a little further along but it only resulted in him get a better view of me catching four fish in pretty quick succession around the 3lb mark on a Tideminnow. I suggested he tried fishing a little further up to the other side of me where I seemed to be hitting most of the fish and first cast I heard him call ‘just had a follow!!!’ second cast ‘I’m in!!!’. At this stage it was getting a little hairy out on the rock I was fishing from I figured that I would make my way back and help Derek get a few photos. I figured that I’d just wait for a break in the waves and walk in across the submerged rock, simple. However what actually happened was first step slip...up to my waist in water...big wave...knocked onto my arse... waders full of water and soaked from head to toe. Anyway I crawled up the rocks soaked to the skin and made my way over to Derek to help him take a photo of the fish and a nice fish it was too, best of the night. He had no sooner put that fish back when I heard another call ‘I’m in again’ but it was only a schoolie this time. We fished on for a little while longer but with no more luck, still six bass landed and another three lost isn’t half bad for a short session. Needless to say we’re heading back again tonight and I won’t be forgetting the waders this time.

07 August 2011

A few days on the Dingle Peninsula, Co Kerry

I'm just back from an enjoyable couple of days on the Dingle Peninsula and whilst the bass fishing may not have been quite as good as I had hoped this year, there were still plenty of seatrout, mackerel and pollock around to keep me entertained and what a beautiful place to fish. I stayed over in Brandon again this year and decided to explore the local area a little more and try to find and suss out some more local marks, its a great place with estuary marks, beach marks and rocks marks all close by. I also had the pleasure of meeting and fishing with some interesting and very knowledgeable anglers along the way and I soon realised that it wasn't just me that was having a little trouble finding the bass that week. I'm not sure if it was the weather, lack of surf or possibly even illegal netting but for whatever reason they didn't seem to to be around in any numbers this year. Still there was plenty of seatrout around and to tell you the truth I lost count of how many I caught over the week but they were all on the small side averaging about half a pound or so. I caught all of them on small metal lures and pirks and even caught one of the few bass of the trip on the same method. I couldn't resist having a go at the mackerel and elbowed my way into a spot on the pier in Brandon using the same gear as I had been using for the seatrout and had great fun catching a few on the lighter gear.

On one of my hikes around the area I stumbled on a promising looking little cove that I had previously seen on the map but could never quite figure out how to access. The tide was on the way out but I still figured it was worth a shot so I stuck on the feedshallow and began exploring the surrounding rocks. I was thinking of heading back to the house and was just about to lift my lure out of the water when I got smashed by a bass right at the edge. He took off and ran me around a rock, I could feel the line grating along the rock but managed to steer him around the rock and bring him in on a wave. I was just making my way down the slippy rock and had just got my fingers to the fish when a bigger wave came in taking the fish with it. It was only about 3 or 4lb but it would have been nice if he had hung around long enough long enough to pose for a photo.

I headed back to the same spot that evening to see if there might be another bass or two around unfortunately there were only pollock and plenty of them, I caught them on shallow divers and surface lures but the bass eluded me yet again. Still its a mark that I'm sure will throw up some bass and one that I will be trying again next year. All in all it was a very enjoyable trip and I'm already looking forward to next years trip.

05 August 2011

LRF Gurnards

Sam has been busy again racking up the species count, this time he has been targeting gurnard on the lrf gear. Here's his report:
Hi all,

Well I went out this afternoon to try a few new lrf spots, the first one I tried turned up some small wrasse and pollock. However with a strong SW wind getting stronger it was time for a move and with the wind now on my back I had a lot more control over the rod also I was fishing over sand. I thought there might be some flatfish to be had so I rigged up a Carolina rig with a size 10 hook and a red Marukyu Power Isome. It was bites from the start with some small whiting coming over the side then I had a much stronger bite, Fish On!!! and what a surprise a small grey gurnard. My next few casts I caught some small pollock and whiting and it was nearly time for the off when the rod bent over, a better fish this time and it gave a good account of itself on the lrf gear. A nice tub gurnard this topped off a good afternoons fishing.


Sam's set-up
Rod: Reins Raz Ajiringer-Z 7' 6"-0.4-7g Reel: Diawa Freams 2500
Line: Sunline 0.3 PE
Leader: 6lb FC
Lure: Marukyu Power Isome worm and Reins Rockvibe
Method: Carolina rig