18 July 2011

The Windy South East - maybe next time

I took a spin down to Wexford at the weekend to meet up with my mate Ronan and to hopefully catch a bass or two. However things didn't go quite as we had planed, the wind had really picked up which limited our already limited knowledge of marks to try but we still tucked away and the water clarity and weed weren't a problem so we were still hopeful.


The weekend got off to a good start with me catching a couple of small sea trout at the first mark, on a Ryobi Trapper and a Spinmad Vibe/Blade lure, not quite the lures I would have chosen if I was targeting sea trout but there you go.


They were my first sea trout of the year so I was happy enough but it was really bass that we were after and they eluded us this time. We moved on to a well known mark which we figured would be sheltered and fished in to darkness but caught nothing nor saw anyone else catching. I guess we were just at the wrong marks at the wrong times but how and ever, maybe next time we'll have better luck with the bass.