29 April 2011

A bunch of little pollocks and a slippery butterfish!

I decided to pop down to Dun Laoghaire harbour last night for a sneaky mid week session after work. When I arrived the conditions looked great and I had high hopes of a few wrasse but the pesky little Pollock had other ideas. I just couldn’t seem to get through them no matter where I cast or what lure I used, don’t get me wrong they were great fun but the daylight was fading and with it my chances of a wrasse. I must have caught fifteen or so before I managed to get a wind knot in the line which brought my fishing to a premature end, or so I thought. 


As I was driving out of the harbour I thought I might just have a quick look at another spot before I headed home. This particular spot has plenty of ambient light so straight away I could see lot of sandeel and a few rag worm swimming around on the surface. There didn't seem to be anything bigger in feeding on them but as I was watching a couple of the ragworm swim by I saw a small eel-like fish dart out from the weeds near the surface and chase them. I quickly grabbed the rod from the car, rigged up with a Berkley Gulp Rag and began to twitch it in the same spot and again the little fish darted out again and hit the lure. It turned out to be a little Butterfish, I think that it's the first one I've caught on rod and line never mind lure.

Rod: Cormoran ULX 1-9g 2.10
Reel: Shimano Rarenium 2500
Line: Daiwa Tournament 8strand 10lb braid

Leader: 6lb FC
Lure: Berkley Gulp 4" sandworms

Method: carolina rigged