09 May 2015

Aussie Salmon

Hi all, Sam here I'm just back from another trip to Australia. This time I landed my first Aussie Salmon, a 6kg fish. What great hard fighting sport fish they are, this fish engulfed my Savage gear 6in sand eel and took of like a bat out of hell. It stripped yards of line off the reel before I could get it to turn and as the fish got close to the rocks it jumped 3 or 4 times and then took off again on another long run. When I finally got the fish close to the breakwater there were some heart stopping moments as the fish was pushed along the rocks by a big swell causing the leader to rub on them but with the help of some of the other anglers we landed it, What a great fight and a super fish.

07 March 2015

Aussie Bream

Earlier in the year Sam took a trip over to Perth in Western Australia to fish for the infamous and hard fighting black bream. He was based in the Peel region, about an hours drive south of Perth.

Black bream tend to be found near the mussel encrusted rocks, snags and pylons or near bridges. They were the main target species and Sam was hoping to catch a few on lures but they proved to be quite illusive. Two weeks of exploring and fishing on the Murray and Serpentine rivers without a bream on a lure was not the start that Sam was expecting. Time for a change of tactics, the next two weeks were spent exploring the canals around Mandurah, fishing close to structure such as moored boats, small piers and pontoons. On the first morning he was up and fishing before dawn and just as the sun was beginning to rise Sam got his first take on a Z-Man motor oil SP but missed it. He fished on for a while but the bream proved as illusive as ever, following the lures occasionally but frustratingly not taking them. The patience and perseverance eventually paid off and the next day Sam caught his first bream on a lure, a fish of 27cm and shortly after a second fish of 31cm which made all the hard work worthwhile. Over the next couple of days Sam had some superb fishing catching bream to 39cm and losing some bigger ones.

Rod: Daiwa GB 6101LFS Itchy Twitchy
Reel: Daiwa Fraims 2000
Line: 4lb P Line FC

23 February 2015

Earning our stripes...

After a bit of a slow start to this years fishing, we've been earning our stripes recently and catching a few Perch.